The CCM Secretariat is the primary point of communication for the CCMN. It executes the day-to-day functions as delegated by the CCMN and supports the decision-making and other functions of the CCMN executive committee and oversight committee. The CCM Coordinator and the CCM Secretariat supports the decision-making and other functions of the CCM. The CCM Secretariat is the primary point of communication for the CCM, and shall receive and allocate communications received for consideration and action under the direction of the CCM members. The CCM Coordinator of the CCM Secretariat attends meetings of the CCM but is not a voting member. The CCM Secretariat will support the CCM by:

A. Supporting CCMN organization and management:

Provide support to the CCMN by calling and organizing regular meetings, assisting in capacity building for the CCM, including organization of induction training and regional workshops, and liaison with the various CCM constituencies and their representatives, including the Local Fund Agent, PR and the government entities for HIV, TB and Malaria.

Taking the country context and maturity level of the CCM into account, work in close collaboration with the CCM Executive Committee, CCM members and alternates, Oversight Committee and other committees, National Programmes, agencies and institutions represented on the CCM and operating in the country, to support relevant harmonization and portfolio optimization.

Management of CCM processes, to include updating list of members, finalizing the election of civil society representatives and selection/nomination from government sector, preparing the agenda of meetings, preparing minutes and circulating them to the CCM within defined time limits. Document all meetings, and all matters relating to policy concerns and formulations, problems and solutions

Monitor financial and management records of the CCM secretariat, and its activities.

Establish and update CCMN foundation documents and committee/working party terms of reference.

Facilitate selection/election and appointment of CCMN members from constituency groups; processes for election of CCMN Officer Bearers.

Appointment of CCMN and non-CCMN members to committees and working parties in accordance with approved terms of reference.

Coordinate CCMN member orientation and capacity building activities.

Support meeting of the CCMN Executive Committee; CCMN Oversight Committee; Working Groups, and CCMN constituencies’ and sub-constituencies’ meetings, as and when needed.

Supervise CCM Secretariat staffs for smooth functioning.

Other duties delegated by the CCMN Chair and/or Executive Committee.

B. Development of Funding Request and harmonization:

Monitor the Global Fund’s website, notify the CCMN chair about each call for proposals posted on the site, and download the application forms for each call for proposals.

Assist the CCMN in identifying technical partners and other potential donors for the funding request preparation stage. Ensure that relevant expertise is available in the TWGs.

Developing funding request work plan, budget and SOPs that complies with the CCMN’s governance or procedures manual.

Facilitating a transparent PR selection process through calls for expression of interest and transparent review and assessment including issuing of public notices and sending invitations to NGOs.

Facilitating liaising process with national and non government agencies and development partners to ensure Global Fund activities are developed and implemented in close alignment with other efforts and to ensure that information for robust gap analyses is available based on National HIV, TB and Malaria Strategies and Plans;

Ensuring the identification of any conflicts of interest (COIs) related to the country’s proposal preparation and, when necessary, the prompt application of the CCMN’s COI policy.

Ensuring that the draft Global Fund proposal is circulated for review by CCMN members and participating stakeholders within the established time frame, and that the documents have all required signatures for submission.

Coordinate timely responses to any Global Fund requests for clarification about the submitted proposals.

Support the CCMN chair and vice chair in their communications an negotiations with the Global Fund, Local Fund Agent (LFA), and other donors.

Facilitating the GF requirement of continuous compliance with all six CCMN eligibility criteria.

C. Oversight and implementation of the grants

Providing administrative and technical support to the oversight committee including support to the CCMN in selecting members to the oversight committee.

Working with the oversight committee to ensure that a CCMN oversight work plan and budget are developed annually.

Collection of relevant information on in-country grants performance from Principal Recipients (PR), the Global Fund and other information sources and making it available for the oversight committee.

Undertaking preliminary analysis of programmatic and financial information on grant performance;

Synthesizing or repackaging grant performance information to support identification by the oversight committee members of key issues, trends and elements requiring CCMN intervention;

Coordinating CCMN oversight site visits;

Facilitating reporting by the oversight committee to the CCMN on grant performance, and communication and implementation of CCMN decisions on oversight.

Work closely with the oversight committee, PRs and the CCM to analyse the contents of management letters (particularly for grants with B and C ratings), review the grant performance and communication and implementation of CCMN decisions on oversight.

In coordination with the CT, assist the Oversight Committee in the development, costing and implementation of the annual oversight plan.

D. Communication and dissemination

Disseminate information to CCMN members on important plans, activities, and decisions from the wider health sector and national disease-specific policies that may affect the functioning of Global Fund grants.

Monitor and support implementation of an annual communications that identifies audiences, messages, and mechanisms for CCMN communications and dissemination.

Disseminate information on the Global Fund grants.

Manage communications processes of the CCMN secretariat within and outside the Global Fund architecture in the country.

Follow any CCMN recommendation to relay relevant information and decisions of sector-wide interest to key stakeholders in a timely manner.

Manage the development, updating and maintenance of an interactive website for the CCMN and the public that includes framework documents, minutes, proposals, and performance reports.

Prepare a two-year CCMN operational and funding plan for the CCMN’s approval.

Ensure that the CCMN’s financial records are kept in accordance with the requirements of the Global Fund and other donors.

Help the CCMN mobilize resources for its operations, including the preparation of financial reports for submission to specific donors.

Help the CCMN with its routine reviews of its bylaws and standard operating procedures and submit any required changes to the CCMN for approval.

Help the CCMN chair ensure adherence to the CCMN’s bylaws by all members and advise the executive committee of any failures to comply with the bylaws.

Help the CCMN chair and vice-chair (or executive committee) organize meetings of the CCMN and its committees by doing the following:

Develop and disseminate meeting agendas.

Invite members, alternates, and other participants.

Contact Person:
Mr. Hari Krishna Bhattarai
CCM Coordinator/CCM Focal Point
The Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria
Department of Health Services
Teku, Kathmandu

Ms. Anita Khebang
Oversight Officer, CCM Nepal
The Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria
Department of Health Services
Teku, Kathmandu